Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes 6350′fruit snacks a nutritious fruit snack?

Eating an entire 3 oz bag of 6350′ fruit snacks is like eating half a pound of fruit!

A: Like fresh fruit, 6350′ fruit snacks are fat-free, cholesterol free, and sodium free.  Each of our six flavors has been nutritionally analyzed and labeled for your benefit. All our products provide natural sources of vitamins such as A and C as well as essential minerals including calcium and iron.  Unlike other fruit snacks you may have tried, Froodles has no artificial flavors or colors. They are soft and chewy and won’t stick to your teeth.

After years of research and development, we take pride in offering you a product that has been carefully prepared to provide you with an all-fruit snack that is both tasty and nutritious. Most of our fruits are organic and grown on the Colorado Plateau. All the fruits we use have been vine or tree ripened which gives our products their rich color and taste. Unlike many other fruit snacks on the market, we do not add extra vitamins to our products. Our bodies can only absorb so much of the water soluble vitamins. The excess we take in is excreted as a waste product. Adding fat soluble vitamins is not necessarily beneficial either, since the excess can build up in our bodies and create a toxic situation. With this in mind, we take care to process our fruit in such a way that most of the vitamin and mineral content is retained, as are the antioxidants that naturally occur in carefully processed fruit.

We offer a “Healthy, fruitful, noodley snack- Fun to eat and easy to pack!” That is the 6350′ fruit snack Promise from us to you.


Q: Do 6350′ fruit snacks use whole fruits?

A: Yes, and that is what makes our snack so tasty and healthy. Many fruit snacks use only fruit juices thickened with starches, pectin, gums and gelatin. Our snacks have natural fibers and pectin. We use the whole fruit,including skins, when processing 6350′ fruit snacks, thus retaining the natural fruit color, vitamins and minerals.


Q: What do people like about 6350′ fruit snacks?

A: Before introducing our products to the market, we conducted two years of surveys to be sure a significant number of people responded favorably to our products. To summarize the results:

What people liked the best about the product:

  • Taste, texture, and presentation



Q: What does the Nutrition Facts label tell me?

A: We think being an informed consumer is important, especially when it comes to nutrition and your health. Reading the nutrition label on the 6350′Natural Foods fruit snack label tells you the following:

  • The percentages are all based on 1 serving.
  • One serving size is equal to 1 once or about 1/3 of the bag.
  • There are 3 servings per bag.

Eating one serving of Apricot, for example, gives you the following nutrition:

  • There are 50 calories
  • 13grams of carbohydrate which is 4% of your daily needs: 10 grams of which are derived from sugars, a combination of natural fructose and added sucrose
  • 6% of your vitamin A needs for the day
  • 4% of your vitamin C requirements for the day
  • 6% of your fiber needs
  • No fat or trans fat*
  • No cholesterol *
  • No sodium. *

* All these percentages are based on a 2,000 calorie diet, so if you generally need more calories or fewer in your daily needs, the above percentages will vary.



Q: Do 6350′ fruit snacks have any cancer-fighting properties?

A: Free radicals, which can damage DNA potentially causing cancer, are stray, highly reactive forms of oxygen and nitrogen that accumulate in the body as byproducts of normal metabolism. Fruits are great sources of antioxidants, and 6350′ fruit snacks are about fruit, and lots of it!  In our processing, we use the whole fruit, including the skin which contains most of the cancer fighting ingredients which have been shown to deter cancer-causing free radicals. Not only do fruits supply us with vitamins C and E, but they have many naturally occurring chemicals that serve us well. For example, phytochemicals are responsible for the bright hues of red and yellow in fruits, such as peaches, plums, nectarines, apricots and cherries. These naturally occurring chemicals are all cancer fighting agents. Ellagic acid, found in grapes and cherries, has been shown to prevent carcinogens from transforming normal cells into cancerous ones. Apples, especially the peel, have been shown to help fight a variety of cancers. Pumpkins are especially high in fiber and carotenoids, both of which are know to fight cancer. (See www.nfcr.org for more information from the National Foundation for Cancer Research)


Q: Do 6350′ fruit snacks have any known allergens?

A: We are not aware of any commonly known allergen in our products, however, if you are susceptible to food-allergies, we suggest that you check with your health professional before eating 6350′ fruit snacks …especially if you have never consumed the types of fruits used in making our products. Our products do NOT contain oils from peanuts. We DO use small amounts of canola oil on our trays to facilitate the drying process.

6350′fruit snacks helps promote good nutrition.


Q: Why is there a sugar coating on 6350′ fruit snacks?

A: The sugar dusting on 6350′ fruit snacks helps keep the product from sticking together.